Information for Providers

The first death from COVID-19 in Michigan was reported to have occurred on March 19, 2020.  A stratified random sample of COVID-19 related deaths in Michigan were selected for the Michigan COVID Death Investigation based on geographic areas (City of Detroit, Macomb/Oakland/Wayne other than Detroit, and all other Michigan counties) and time periods of the pandemic. Separate review committees are being developed based on these geographic regions.  Medical records abstractions and information collected through next of kin interviews will be included in de-identified case summaries for committee review.

The review committees will meet separately to review the deaths that occurred within their region. The review process will identify underlying factors, particularly systems factors, using a structured review process. Based on these findings, the team will recommend strategies aimed at preventing future COVID-19 deaths in Michigan. 

The goal of MiCOVDI is to enhance ongoing epidemiologic surveillance of COVID-19 in Michigan and to target policy and public health interventions by understanding disparities in COVID deaths. Additional MDHHS initiatives directed at achieving these goals include:

MiCReSS – Investigation to understand differences in exposure, testing experiences, and treatment within the healthcare system among COVID-19 survivors.

Mi-COVID19 Initiative – Enhanced epidemiologic surveillance of COVID risk and disparities, including monitoring of testing data, cases, hospitalization data, and identification of emerging needs.




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