MI COVID Death Investigation

The Michigan COVID-19 Death Investigation (MiCOVDI) is a collaboration between Michigan State University and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to better understand the underlying reasons why some Michigan residents have died as a result of contracting the virus.  A panel of physicians, nurses, public health professionals and community representatives will review some of these deaths to learn more about the circumstances and experiences of each person.

The MiCOVDI Case Review Committees are being developed based on geographic region-City of Detroit, Wayne/Oakland/Macomb Counties (excluding the City of Detroit, and all other Michigan Counties. Teams will be community specific (city, county, or region) so that the particular needs of each community can be identified These committees will meet separately to review medical records and interviews with relatives and close acquaintances of Michigan residents who have died as a result of COVID-19.  For each case reviewed, the committees will review the individual’s experiences with testing, healthcare, public health, post-hospital care, and insurance to find opportunities to improve the system of care for COVID-19 patients, with the ultimate goal of preventing future deaths related to the virus. Recommendations developed by the Case Review Teams will be implemented in partnership with state and local governments, heath care systems, individual providers, and businesses.