Graduate Student Travel Award



  1. The department will make available to graduate students a Travel Award (“Award”) in the amount of $1000.00 (maximum) to present research results at a scientific conference.

  2. All Awards are conditional on the availability of funds.

  3. A student may apply for an Award a maximum of twice, with each request being for a minimum of $250.00.

  4. Students applying for an Award are strongly encouraged to secure matching travel funding from another entity (e.g., CHM, The Graduate School, their Supervisor).

  5. At the time of a request for an Award, students must be in good academic standing based on Graduate School and departmental standards.

  6. At the time of the Award request, students must be enrolled for at least one (1) credit and commence travel within one (1) semester (including summer) of the request.

  7. Requests for an Award will only be considered with an accepted Abstract (oral or poster) for a scientific meeting.
      a. The student must be the presenting author.
      b. A copy of the Abstract acceptance, along with the Abstract itself, should be submitted to the Graduate Program Director at the time of the Award request.

  8. The Award must be used for costs associated with travel consistent with allowable expenses per departmental and university travel guidelines (e.g., flight, lodging, per diem, registration). The Budget Administrator will provide students receiving an Award additional instructions based on departmental and university travel regulations.

  9. Requests for an Award should be made in writing (via e-mail) addressed to the Graduate Program Director and copied to the Budget Administrator at least four (4) weeks prior to anticipated travel.