PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Hong TingTing Hong, PhD Epidemiology 2008

I am currently a research scientist / biostatistician at the International Clinical Research Center, University of Washington.

I mainly work on analysis using data from a multi-center HIV prevention trial. I am also participating in a PEPFAR study testing the feasibility of home-based HIV counseling and testing using a novel instrument for on-site data-entry in South Africa.

My training in Epidemiology is absolutely the key for me to get my job at UW. It provides both epi knowledge and field work experience. My current job is heavily involved in clinical trials. Because I worked on a clinical trial during my doctoral program, this experience was greatly valued and asked about during my interview. I believe this experience was the key for me to get this job.

 Another significant part is that all epi professors are devoted to helping students get a job, which is very important and helpful!

Epi training is fundamental. Although I am in a different research field now, the epi training I received helps me to understand study designs, analysis approaches, etc. The SAS programming skills I learned through my PhD program also are very critical in my daily work.