PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Taylor Seaton-Olsabeck, MS Epidemiology 2017

taylorsI am currently a cancer epidemiologist at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services where I work with large datasets, such as the cancer registry, mortality and hospitalization records, and complex surveys, to provide surveillance updates on topics pertinent to the cancer care continuum. One of the most challenging aspects of this position is providing epidemiological support across such a wide range of topics, focusing on prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Some of the projects I work on include: increasing lung cancer screening rates, improving the quality of life for cancer survivors, improving access to appropriate care for ovarian cancer patients, and decreasing racial and geographic disparities across the state for cancer screenings.

In the classroom, the MSU Epi program provided a good foundation in epidemiological methods, SAS coding, biostatistics, and grant writing, all of which are critical aspects of my current position. During my time at MSU, I had the opportunity to work for the Michigan Stroke Transition Trial. This out-of-classroom research experience really allowed me to build upon what I had learned in my classes and pushed me to be a more critical thinker and a better epidemiologist.