PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Steven Korzeniewski, PhD Epidemiology 2011

Steven KorzeniewskiI lead the newly formed Perinatal Epidemiology Unit within the Perinatology Research Branch (NICHD/NIH) and also serve as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University School of Medicine. My position involves collaborating with perinatologists to conduct clinical research with the goal of developing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive strategies to reduce adverse pregnancy outcome, infant mortality and handicap. I also provide training on perinatal epidemiology to physicians, scientists and other health care professionals involved in research/fellowship at the Perinatology Research Branch whose aim is to improve the health care of mothers and their children.

Education and profound mentorship provided at MSU gave me the opportunity to learn from NICHD T-32 Perinatal Epidemiology Training Program faculty on campus, achieve participation in the NICHD/CIHR Summer Institute in Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology, and lead Michigan’s Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology section while pursuing my masters and doctoral degrees in epidemiology.

Together, the MSU experience provided me an advanced understanding of the historical context of epidemiology, the important nuances of study design and analysis, and the critical role epidemiology plays in shaping public health. The department also provided ‘hands-on’ experience in SAS programming, multiple opportunities to participate in large research initiatives, and its faculty and seminar program in addition to conference sponsorship provided exposure to a wide range of international experts focused on groundbreaking applications of epidemiology in perinatal health.

I truly can’t emphasize enough my appreciation for the education/mentorship I received at MSU and how it has prepared me to pursue a meaningful career in perinatal epidemiology.