PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Matt Francis, PhD Epidemiology 2014

matt francisWhat I like most about my job is working across the globe to ensure the safety of consumer products and the challenge of working in a regulated space. At P&G I have the opportunity to apply my skills as an Epidemiologist to pharmacovigilance of consumer products, OTC medicines and medical devices. By far, the breadth of experience that I received at MSU helped me land not only a CSTE/CDC fellowship, but a Pharmacoepidemiologist position at one of the largest consumer product companies in the world.

During my time at MSU, I had the opportunity to work on perinatal studies, infectious disease studies, maternal smoking cessation, environmental toxicology and cancer research. The faculty at MSU pushed me to function as an expert in these fields and gave me the help and guidance needed to succeed. One of the most important parts of my Epi training was the breadth of statistical experience, which allowed me to step into key roles and not only manage the study design aspect of my work, but deliver new statistical models and vantage points while working closely with my statistical colleagues.

The professors foster an independent thought process by pushing the science of Epidemiology further while having their students focus on the discipline of the science, and not just its application. I remain close to various professors I worked with during my graduate career and lean on them for advice and guidance as I navigate my way through being a PhD level Epidemiologist.