PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Julia Gargano, PhD Epidemiology 2009

julia garganoI am an EIS officer at the CDC, assigned to the Chronic Viral Diseases Branch in Atlanta, Georgia. I work on research related to human papillomavirus and cervical cancer and precancers. I also participate in field investigations and public health emergency response activities.

My training in epidemiology and biostatistics at MSU gave me a solid methodologic foundation that has opened doors to diverse opportunities at the CDC. Because of my skills in data management and survival analysis, I was able to travel to Kenya to work on a study of adult mortality in a high HIV prevalence area. Because I had training in survey design, I was chosen to lead a field investigation and implement a household survey after a water shortage in rural Alabama; this resulted in new CDC recommendations for water emergency preparedness.

The many group projects and thoughtful discussions with peers throughout my MS and PhD training were great preparation for the teamwork necessary when working with colleagues from many disciplines and backgrounds across a public health agency.