PhD Epidemiology Alumni

Yingzi Deng, MS Epidemiology 2003

ydengI am currently an Instructor of Medicine/Epidemiologist at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. My main research interest is in CVD Outcome studies using health care claim data.

I started CVD epidemiology research when I was a MSU Epi graduate student participating in the MASCOTS study. I was able to continue in this field owing to the solid training I received from MSU. It is not only the knowledge I acquired but also the hands-on experience that prepared us well for Epi jobs on the market. Epi courses such as Introductory Epi, Causal Inference, and CVD Epi taught me how to correctly design and critically review epidemiology studies, while statistical and SAS courses provided me everyday skills I need to dissect huge amount of data I used for my research.

My words aren’t enough to express my appreciations to the caring epi professors and staff, to the nurturing environment of the Epidemiology department, and to the continuing support I received from my mentors and friends from MSU.