MS Epidemiology Alumni

Garrett Reichle, MS Epidemiology 2017

reichleI am a database analyst/programmer for the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Consortium (PC4) at the University of Michigan. PC4 is a large collaboration mainly in North America, with a goal to improve patient outcomes and quality through research and collaboration. I help manage pediatric cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU) data. Specifically, I build datasets by creating variables from existing data, prepare data, clean data, maintain data and sometimes analyze data. I enjoy seeing the positive impact our collaboration has made on pediatric cardiology and improved patient health. I graduated from MSU with a Master’s in Epidemiology in 2017 with a wonderful group of classmates. I was a GEMS member where I met and connected with others who shared my interests in improving health. For me, GEMS was a wonderful way to get involved in my department and make a difference.

During my time at MSU I was able to work as a research assistant for the Michigan Stroke Transitions Trial (MISTT) where I learned hands-on experience in the research environment. One of the most valuable skills I learned while at MSU was SAS programming. I learned valuable insight and knowledge from my SAS courses and practicum class, by conducting research with the use of SAS programming. This experience helped me land my current position. The experience I gained from my mentor was outstanding, being pushed to a level of knowledge I thought I’d never obtain. The courses and professors from the epidemiology program at MSU gave me the skills to succeed in the health field.