MS Epidemiology Alumni

Alyssa Vanderziel, MS Epidemiology 2017

AlyssaAfter graduating with an MS in Epidemiology in December 2017, I accepted a year-long fellowship offer from Dr. Jim Anthony, where I obtained invaluable experience studying psychiatric epidemiology, specifically depression among adolescents.

In Fall 2018 I began as a doctoral student, continuing my previous studies in drug dependence epidemiology. I have known that I wanted to pursue a doctoral degree but my fellowship in the department propelled me; my programming skills excelled, epidemiological concepts became more concrete, and I was able to stay in our wonderful department!

I am also currently employed by Dr. Omayma Alshaarawy, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine; the epidemiology program brought us together during my Master’s degree. Similar interests kept us together and I am excited to be working on cannabis research with her. The department continues to provide me with opportunities and experiences for my future career in epidemiology