Biostatistics Alumni

Shyamali Mukerjee, MS in Biostatistics 2017

mukurgeeI graduated in May 2017 with my Master’s degree in Biostatistics, and got hired with the Michigan Public Health Institute as an affiliate employee with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in August 2017. I am a Health Systems Analyst, where I collaborate with various divisions at MDHHS to analyze Medicaid claims for disease surveillance. It’s a very fascinating job, because I get to work with large volumes of data and answer all sorts of questions related to patient quality of care and measure disease distributions.

I believe extensive training in statistical programming from the Biostatistics courses offered at MSU helped me hone my analytical thinking skills when it comes to programming. Because of the training, I was able to pick up new programming languages at work with ease. Additionally, it helped having a wonderful mentor who would guide me on improving programming and statistical thinking skills through project involvement. The epidemiology classes offered at MSU also helped me think about biostatistics problems from an epidemiological perspective.