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The EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program is being offered through the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the College of Human Medicine at MSU.



The mission of the Equity in Biostatistics and Epidemiology Student Training (EQ-BEST) Undergraduate Internship Program is twofold. 

  1. We aim to enhance the diversity of the workforce in the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. We will do this by introducing undergraduate students to research and applied career opportunities in these fields.

  2. We aim to provide students with career connections and practical work experience to build key skills that will be broadly applicable in their undergraduate career and beyond. Together, these major activities will help establish and build students’ sense of identity and belonging within the scientific community, and encourage persistence and success.



  • What would I do as an EQ-BEST Undergraduate Intern?

    Interns in the Equity in Biostatistics and Epidemiology Student Training (EQ-BEST) Undergraduate Internship Program will be paired with a Faculty Mentor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The Intern will work approximately 8-10 hours per week on research-related activities as agreed upon with the Faculty Mentor.

    These research-related activities could include:

    • Locating and reviewing the scientific literature
    • Creating or editing research study documentation
    • Engaging in scientific communication education and training such as scientific writing, website design, and citation management
    • Research study coordination including preparing survey materials and recruiting participants
    • Data entry, management, or analysis
  • What are the benefits of the EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship?
    • Paid internship position of approximately 8-10 hours per week
    • Research mentorship with a faculty expert in Biostatistics or Epidemiology
    • Opportunity to build peer support and career connections
    • Real-world work and research experience and training
    • Opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge research
  • Can you tell me more about Epidemiology and Biostatistics?

    An Epidemiologist is a disease detective who uses clues in data to figure out how factors, like where you live, diet, pollution, stress, genetics, and even public policy, place some people at higher risk of disease than others. 

    Biostatisticians are a lot like epidemiologists but focus more on converting data into useful information to help us recognize patterns. 

    Both Epidemiologists and Biostatisticians study diseases like COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease but also health conditions like preterm delivery, obesity, fibroids, depression, and autism, searching for clues to help prevent these diseases and conditions.

  • What are the areas of research in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics?

    Established in 1989, the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the College of Human Medicine houses faculty experts in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The Department offers a rich and stimulating research environment for both faculty and student researchers. The research interests of the faculty are diverse. Please see the areas of research conducted by our Faculty Mentors in the EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program.

  • What are the dates and location of the EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program?

    The internship program for the fall 2024 semester will transpire from August 26, 2024 to December 13, 2024, with the possibility of renewal into Spring 2025 semester and Summer 2025 session. This is contingent on funding, Intern performance, and the availability of the Faculty Mentor and Intern.

    Faculty Mentors in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics are located at West Fee Hall on the East Lansing Campus. Some internship hours may occur on site at West Fee Hall or remotely.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    The Equity in Biostatistics and Epidemiology Student Training (EQ-BEST) Undergraduate Internship Program, Fall 2024, is for students who:

    • are enrolled at least half-time at Michigan State University Fall 2024 as an undergraduate student
    • will have at least Sophomore standing as of Fall 2024
  • Is it possible for a part-time student (taking less than 12 credits) to be employed by two different departments concurrently?

    Yes. As long as an individual is actively enrolled in a degree-granting program, they can be hired into a student hourly position. As long as both positions are student hourly, the individual can hold both.

  • How will I know if I have been selected for an internship?

    We will invite finalists for an interview by Zoom in May 2024.

    We will notify all applicants by email in July 2024 as to whether or not they were selected into the EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program.

    Those accepted will be provided detailed instructions on (1) how to accept the internship position and the deadline for acceptance; (2) the Faculty Mentor they have been paired with, (3) start date and contact information for the Faculty Mentor; (4) details about the research activities with the Faculty Mentor; and (5) the employment onboarding process at MSU.


Please prepare and submit the following application materials online:

  • Unofficial transcript.
    Please provide a copy of your unofficial transcript. (A list of coursework and grades are acceptable.)  Uploaded document should be named using the following format: e.g., Jane Doe would upload using JDoe-Transcript
  • Current resume 
    Please include your employment history, community service, and any past research experience.
  • Short Essay Questions
    • Describe your career and academic goals. (200 words or less)
    • Considering your career and academic goals, describe the main reason why you are interested in participating in the EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program. (100 words or less)
    • Describe how your participation will help address the mission of the EQ-BEST program. (100 words or less)
    • Describe the areas of research conducted by our Faculty Mentors that interest you most.  This information will be used to better match you with a Faculty Mentor. (100 words or less)

  • Application Deadline -  Monday, April 29, 2024

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Informational Meeting - Tuesday, April 9, 2024 12:00 p.m. Zoom


Meeting ID: 972 8705 2176

Passcode: eq

If you have any questions about EQ-BEST Undergraduate Internship Program, please view the video from 2022 below and/or email us at  epi.eqbest@msu.edu