Epidemiology Degree Programs



  • About the PhD Program
    The PhD program is designed for students who plan to become independent researchers in epidemiology. Emphasis is on the development and mastery of epidemiologic and biostatistical skills required for the highest levels of scholarship, investigation, and leadership in public health work. Students design and complete their own investigator-initiated research projects, and are prepared to compete for research grant awards supported by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies that fund epidemiology research. Learning experiences are pursued through coursework and readings, apprenticeships with supervising faculty, participation on a research team, and completion of the dissertation research project.


  • About the Masters Program

    The master's degree program is designed to provide students with the epidemiologic and biostatistical skills essential to engaging in clinical and population-based research. Students are trained in a wide range of applications of epidemiologic methods, from investigation into the causes of disease to the means for prevention. The program prepares students to participate in public health activities sponsored by government and non-governmental organizations such as health planning, disease control, and community health projects.