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Seeking Research Participants for a study about Power Wheelchair standing devices

The purpose of this study explores use of a power wheelchair standing device (PWSD) in children who have conditions other than Duchenne muscular dystrophy. A PWSD is a power wheelchair that electronically allows a child to move between sitting and standing. A PWSD can be driven in either position.  Learn More

Factors Affecting Lifelong Physical Activity Participation in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
Principal Investigator: Larken Marra, MSK
University of Michigan Ph.D.
Candidate and Research Assistant
Center on Physical Activity and Health in Pediatric Disabilities\School of Kinesiology,
University of Michigan

For more information, please contact Larken Marra
Email: lrmarra@umich.edu Phone: 317-432-9128.

University of Michigan studies of Cerebral Palsy
Volunteer for a current Clinical trial
Volunteer for a study

The University of Michigan offers opportunities for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy to participate in studies of cognitive and motor abilities. 


News & Information

Cerebral Palsy Research Network

A website about cerebral palsy and its related conditions.  Their mission is to optimize the lifelong health and wellness of people with cerebral palsy and their families through high quality research, education and community programming.

Karen Killilea, 80, Dies; Turned Disability Into Triumph

Karen Killilea was born three months prematurely, weighing under two pounds, in 1940 before the advent of modern newborn intensive care. She survived, and after nine months in hospital she went home. Under the care of her parents who provided daily physical therapy, she thrived - living independently for many years until her recent death at age 80. Her mother Marie Killilea wrote two books about her: "Karen" (1952/1999) and "With Love From Karen" (1963) which inspired many with Karen Killilea's can-do spirit and approach to disability (which she called "permanent inconvenience" instead)!   Obituary - New York Times

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has a free weekly bulletin of the latest published research on cerebral palsy. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has extensive information on CP topics, including Research and Tracking

Research Programs for Cerebral Palsy
University of Michigan research programs

Michigan State University Adaptive Sports & Recreation Club
The MSU Adaptive Sports & Recreation Club seeks to: ‣ promote the health, social, and psychological benefits of physical activity to individuals with physical disabilities establish a space where athletes with physical disabilities and able-bodied volunteers can come together to create an integrated community of peers that serves to eradicate negative stereotypes about disability by highlighting the abilities of individuals with physical disabilities. Learn More

The Communication Function Classification System (CFCS)
The Communication Function Classification System (CFCS) is a new method to quickly describe communication ability in individuals with cerebral palsy and other conditions. CFCS was developed by Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, a former MSU CPON team member, and colleagues. CPON's research team contributed to her newly published study on how communication, gross motor and fine motor disabilities may cluster together in children with cerebral palsy. See the abstract below for more information.

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