PhD/MS 1st Year Recommendations

A graduate student is considered ‘full time’ with 9 credits.

For students enrolled as full time students in the MS or PhD, the recommended course registrations for Fall Semester are the following:

Recommended for Fall Semester:

  • Epi 810 Introductory Epidemiology
  • EPI 817 Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases
  • EPI 808 Biostatistics I
  • EPI 851 SAS Programming I: Essentials


Yearlong non-credit workshops run by the Graduate School "Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) series".  For more information and registration see:


Recommended for Spring Semester:

  • EPI 809 Biostatistics II
  • EPI 829 Principles and Methods of Epidemiologic Study Design
  • EPI 852 SAS Programming II: Data Management and Analysis
  • EPI requirement or elective